Episode 5: Forecast-based Financing

The WeatherPod
Episode 5: Forecast-based Financing

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In this episode of the WeatherPod, we’ve invited Catalina Jaime, Senior Risk Adviser at the Red Cross-Red Crescent Climate Centre, into the studio.

Catalina coordinates the Forecast-based Financing concept worldwide for the Red Cross-Red Crescent Climate Centre and provides technical support for national Red Cross societies.

Forecast-based Financing is a highly innovative way of applying weather forecasts. The aim is to enhance humanitarian action to protect lives and livelihoods by making resources available to act before a disaster actually occurs.

Catalina also leads on knowledge management for the UK-supported Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience programme, working with stakeholders on science and solutions to improve risk assessment, preparedness, early action and resilience.

As well as her huge experience in the humanitarian sector, with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, UN agencies and others, Catalina has a background in industrial engineering, a master’s degree in humanitarian action, and a Doctorate in Early Warning and Early Action in conflict-affected contexts.

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