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  • GWE Forum Webinar 3: “A collaborative future of the Weather Enterprise, a private sector perspective” by Mr Peter Platzer (16 February 2021) | Summary
  • GWE Forum Webinar 2: “Unlocking the benefits of open weather data” by Professor Gerhard Adrian (28 October 2020) | Summary
  • GWE Forum Webinar 1: “A vision for Numerical Weather Prediction” by Professor Tim Palmer (30 June 2020) | Summary

The WeatherPod Podcast

Co-hosted by Alan Thorpe and David Rogers. Find the list of episodes here.


GWEF Vision and Goals 2018-2028
January 2019. Announced at the occasion of the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society.

The Power of Partnerships (World Bank; 2019)
The study looks at the current landscape of public-private engagement and analyzes the hydromet value chain in six countries, and provides guidance to regulators, hydromet service providers, and private actors as well as development practitioners to achieve successful public-private-academic engagements.

Weathering the Change : How to Improve Hydromet Services in Developing Countries (World Bank; 2019)
This report examines the current state of the GWE, takes an in-depth look at the status and need for modernizing National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), and provides detailed recommendations.

Unbreakable: Building the Resilience of the Poor in the Face of Natural Disasters (World Bank; 2017)
This report moves beyond asset and production losses and shifts its attention to how natural disasters affect people’s well-being. Understanding the disproportionate vulnerability of poor people also makes the case for setting new intervention priorities to lessen the impact of natural disasters on the world’s poor…


GWE FORUM meeting at the 100th Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, 15 January 2019, Boston, USA
(Follow up and next steps)

GWE FORUM-5, 25 March 2019, Singapore
Available meeting documents include:
Subtask4.2_progressreportV2GWEF5_ TKimura and DIvanov
GWE FORUM-5_WP_1_Agenda_v01

GWE FORUM-4, 10 January 2019, Phoenix/Arizona, USA
Chaired by Mr. Michael Staudinger, Director General of Austria’s Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG).

GWE FORUM-3, 12-13 October 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chaired by Mr Patrick Benichou, President of MFI.

Global Weather Enterprise Conference, 11-12 October 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
DATA – Business Models and Policies Shaping the Future of the Global Weather Enterprise

GWE FORUM-2, 9 July 2018
Chaired by Professor David Parsons, University of Oklahoma (Notes and recommendations from the videoconference).

GWE FORUM-1, 9 April 2018, Singapore
Welcomed by Ms Chin-ling Wong, Director of the Meteorological Service of Singapore.

Report on the Global Weather Enterprise Seminar, 28 November 2017, Washington DC, USA


WMO Geneva Declaration – 2019: Building Community for Weather, Climate and Water Actions (as adopted at the 18th World Meteorological Congress, Geneva, 2019)

Launch of the WMO Open Consultative Platform (OCP)
Report of High-Level Round Table on Public-Private Engagement, 5-6 June 2019, Geneva, Switzerland


Innovation in Public and Private Weather Services 
World Bank, 2021, David Rogers et al.

Industrial Predictions: the public and private meteorological sectors
Cover Story of the latest issue of the Meteorological Technology International, May 2020

The Future of the Global Weather Enterprise: Opportunities and Risks
BAMS, 2018, Alan Thorpe and David Rogers

The Weather Business
by Allianz Risk Transfer, 2013


[Draft concept note] Exploring Opportunities for Enhancing Academic-Private-Public Sector Partnerships in Education and Training to benefit the African Hydro-Meteorological Enterprise
by Dr. David Parsons (School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma), Makoto Suwa (World Bank), and Anna-Maria Bogdanova (GFDRR), Coordination Group, Global Weather Enterprise Forum

[Draft] Academic Perspective on Data Access within the GWE

[Proposed] Principles of Data Policy (2019)