Webinar – Extreme weather, climate change & public health

The latest webinar organized by investigates key threats & challenges facing public health from extreme weather & climate change, and examine the potential opportunities for business, academia and the public sector to help mitigate and manage them.

The health impacts of climate change pose an enormous threat to business & society. They include increased respiratory and cardiovascular disease, injuries and premature deaths related to extreme weather events, increased prevalence and distribution of food and water-borne illnesses and infectious diseases, and threats to mental health.

The issues this webinar cover include:

  • Quantifying, communicating, and reducing the health risks associated with climate change.
  • The use of sub-seasonal forecasting with a focus its use in helping prevent Meningitis outbreaks over Africa.
  • Methods and tools to integrate air quality and health into urban climate action planning.
  • Addressing the impacts of extreme weather & climate change on the spread of vector-borne diseases, notably those associated with mosquitoes.
Click the above image to watch the recording.

Moderator & Chair:

• Dr. Madeleine Thomson, Head of Climate Impacts at the Wellcome Trust.


• Dr. Susan Anenberg, Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health and of Global Health at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health.

• Dr. Cheikh Dione, research scientist at the African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD).

• Dr. Vijay Limaye, Climate and Health Scientist at the Science Office of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

• Dr. Pai-Yei Whung, Senior Scientist in the Office of Research and Development at the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

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